Headshot FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Females: Neatly laundered attire. Solid Colors preferred. Hair groomed. Professional or heavy makeup coverage. 

MalesNeatly laundered attire. Collared Dress Shirt, Suit or Blazer.  Solid Colors preferred. Hair groomed, neat clean shave. 

How fast will my photos be ready?

During your headshot session, you will have the opportunity to make your favorite selection that day. You will be given the option to choose from 6-10 images. Retouching will only be performed on your favorite selections. Final images will be ready within 5 business days. Need your images faster?? No problem! You may have your images Expedited for just $25/image.

What is included with Retouching?

We apply high-quality retouching techniques to your final photos to ensure that you look your best.  Removal of Wrinkles, scars, and blemishes, and whitening of the teeth and eyes are included. 

Can we shoot at my office or outdoor location?

Yes! We are available to bring our portable backdrop and lighting setup to your office or use natural lighting at an outdoor location.